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Yehuda Katz's Rack - bdfh42 ====== JulianMorrison I'm tired of hearing about the Rack effort. It's a fully-specified web server interface. It's got a rudimentary request parser, some Rack classes that implement the interfaces, a nifty Rack template system that lets you embed Ruby in a Rack app, an implementation of each interface with a compatible interface, and a comprehensive test suite. It's not a port of sinatra, not an afterthought, not a time-saving excuse for Rails, it's an effort with a highly specified interface. ~~~ bdfh42 I am surprised that you are so dismissive of a new web server interface. It seems to me that it is all very comparable with other approaches to web development. My initial perspective was that Rack seems to add a little something different. I am not suggesting that I believe it is a replacement for Sinatra, which seems like an entirely different development tool to me. ~~~ JulianMorrison It's not dismissive. I think it's really cool. It sounds like you could probably accomplish the same thing with Sinatra with much less ceremony and much more speed. Q: I want a review on my paper to be submitted. But I need help in preparing the manuscript and in formatting the citations I have written a paper about my academic background which I would like to submit for review. But as I am a new researcher I do not have enough experience. It would be really helpful if someone could review my paper and suggest me some changes to improve it. If possible, can you tell me how to format the citation in the references and make the review paper more readable? Thanks for your time and help. A: Most authors only include a small number of additional files in addition to the manuscript. The submission site needs some information in those files in order to ensure your paper is processed correctly. The paper is read by the referees, and they give comments and suggestions. You can read the comments they leave and if you agree with them, you can submit a revision. Your revisions can be anything. They may suggest that your work is too long, or not long ac619d1d87

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